Who Are We?

merkabaholisticsMerKaBa Holistics is a privately owned company, which operates as a professional medical and wellness facilitator exclusive to the field of the medical tourism industry.

Medical procedures offered by MerKaBa Holistics in private international hospitals owned by large public listed companies specializing only in private healthcare.

The international hospitals used by MerKaBa Holistics, are all members of NABH (National accreditation board for Hospital & Healthcare Providers) & JCI (Joint commission International).

Professionals conduct all medical procedures within these accredited international hospitals and MerKaBa Holistics will assist you in all exclusive medical tourism arrangements.

Our Mission Vision

A client centered approach: providing personal care and delivering value.

MerKaBa Holistics can provide self-insured companies with significant savings by adding a medical travel component to their existing healthcare benefit plan.

Contact  info@merkabatheascension.org  Our corporate business development group for additional information on our global healthcare program and how you or your organization can access lower costs and achieve great benefits .


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