Ecotourism – Madhya Pradesh Naturally

Tribal with honeycomb

Tribal with honeycomb

With India’s largest area of verdant forest Madhya Pradesh offers you a picturesque adventure of rappelling, rock climbing, nature walks, trekking, bird watching, and mountain biking. Zip through the air on the 520 metres long Flying Fox Bhopal is the longest twin zip in Asia. Feel the exhilaration as the valley falls away beneath you and Kerwa Lake opens out in all directions. Then relax by the water  with trekking and boating.

Discover the roots of India in the rustic village life as Madhya Pradesh 12 million tribal peoples keep  alive a rich cultural heritage spread in hamlets along alluring rivers. Glimpse into the culture of legendary tribes, hunter gatherers now settled into agricultural villages that still collect traditional fruits from abundant forests.

Experience the royal silk glow of a world class quality of a traditional handloom Chanderi sari. Or visit Pranjur where traditional weavers, potters, and braisers, flourish with shepherds, dyers and fisherman or the metal casters of ankle bracelets.

Importantly, Ecotourism helps ensure traditional skill are kept alive and MerKaBa Holistics is dediciated to supporting Madhya Pradesh traditional peoples with:

  • Overnight stays: Lodging and camping
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Camp sites
  • Youth Camp
  • Farm vacation (farm stays, feeding animals, picking fruit/vegetables)
  • Day trips/picnics
  • Weddings, receptions
  • Management of special events and festivals
  • Music festivals
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Harvest festivals
  • Rural Festivals/ Jatra
  • Off the farm visits to the farmers’ markets at taluka place, taluka milk collection centers, village fairs, produce stands, sheep/goat rearing farm, poultry, cattle farms.

Your trip should be life changing, not just a holiday!

Change your life and Contact Advity on +919893889604 or  Email

ADDRESS: 49 D. K. Devsthali Address Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462039

You will want to come back.

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