Herbs as more than drugs

Herbs by Arcadian Spaceship

I do not see herbs as drugs. They certainly can have a drug action and must be used with respect.

However, I prefer to look beyond the mediatisation f herbs as active ingredients. Perhaps it is because of the need for herbalism to be tested and verified scientifically. This is in itself a needed. However, we consume 25000 different phytochemicals during our life and their interactions are incompletely understood.

Traditional herbalism considers the whole plant (where possible) in synergy with the life experience.

This is why I feel home gardening is so important. Herbs should be experienced. Herbs and plants should be part of our sense experience. To feel the touch and smell of aromatics that sadly few truly experience.

It is why I fear the over commercialisation of plants. The reduction of phytochemical diversity in a world of what Guido Mase calls “Plant Deprivation”

Plant life should be enmeshed in daily life: food, ritual for beauty and the delight of the senses. Integrated and not just as a natural drug to cure a disease. Plants are the great networkers that bring nutrition from the earth .

The renaissance writers attempted to link nature, religion, science and psychology. In a way we need to return to a polytheism of the soul, or at least a recognition of the many components of life and psyche much as the internet can connect so many things together. What if we could also model life on ecology, mind and soul, instead of dryly divorced from it?

It would transcend economic interests. It would require a consensus that while less efficient , such a cooperative would mirror the ecologies collective, collaborative back loops that and not the hierarchical systems of corporation.


An environmental spiritual disease


The power of science has both helped and hindered us. In particular, the mechanistic model of the earth -body machine. Roger Bacon wished to conquer nature and Descarte’s mind body split is , perhaps unfairly, is used to justify seeing the world as something “other”, a Newtonian machine.

Thw problem is best majestically described by Charles Eisenstein:


Not only is the desacralization of the body and physicality a poison to the world, it is a profound untruth as well. For the body is not the house of the spirit, it is the spirit taken physical form. And the world, too, is not the creation of divinity, it is divinity as presented to our senses. At least, that is an essential premise of this book. Issues of nurturance, self-trust, and mindfulness, even in the “basely physical” realm of food, reverberate with spiritual significance. That is because life in the world is a sacred journey, and matters of the flesh are potential vehicles for spiritual transformation.

According to this premise, the health crisis engulfing the modern world is a spiritual crisis, and a precious opportunity as well. Pain and illness in the body can illuminate what is important in life, and help us perceive the preciousness of life itself. Pain and illness bring us back to ourselves. Poor health can also be a message on many levels that something is not right. From the perspective of mechanistic science, the body is a faulty machine that needs an expert to repair it, an attitude analogous to the technological fix that ecologists criticize as a response to environmental problems. But if body and soul are not separate, then to heal the body at the deepest level is a work of the soul, and to listen to and learn from the body is to become closer to one’s Self.
– Charles Eisenstein The Yoga of Eating

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Not specifically India, I found John Thackars recomendations –  tourusm as a sharing experience, rather than as a destination – a useful way to see how tourists could be drawn to expeeirence and participate in Tribal Madhya Pradesh.

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Indian Medical facilities offer an efficient, quality alternative to long waiting lists and costly procedures in some Western lands. Around  1,300,000 Americans abroad for medical procedures.

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“In 2008, 540,000 Americans traveled abroad for medical procedures. In 2009, that number rose to 648,000, and in 2010 it was 878,000. An estimated 1,300,000 in 2011.- Baran M. Medical tourism pros consider impact of healthcare reform. Travel Weekly. 2011 Jan. 25.

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For example, in India, people are offered the option of having a hip resurfacing surgery instead of a hip replacement surgery. Hip resurfacing surgery, which has not yet been approved by the FDA, allows for a shorter recovery period than hip replacement surgery as well as increased mobility compared to traditional hip replacement.

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Your recuperation will be enhanced by Merkaba Holistic’s integrative lifestyle support, relaxing in Madhya Pradesh legendary Jungle retreats,  or losing yourself in her religious or historical mysteries.

We recognize that medical tourism may require a flexible itinerary, to adjust if your procedure requires extra recuperation – just in case.

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