Why Do I Care?


Why Do I care?

As an Aussie who settled half a world away in my spiritual home of India, I treasure the rustic village life as Madhya Pradesh 12 million tribal peoples. Tourism, especially medical tourism, is helipng  keep alive a rich cultural heritage spread in hamlets along alluring rivers.


I write from personal experience. This is not a rewrite of some Press Release hoping for a quick buck. For three years I have struggled with Hindi, stumbled over every social  faux pas there is and still fell in love with India.

Not that it was always easy. India confronts you. It’s in your face in a way that few of the locals ever really can understand. I love my outback:  quiet with acres of space.  The whole Australian population – or close to it – is found in Mumbai.  Half of Mumbai is homeless.

After two years in Pune, Maharashtra, I moved to Bhopal. It is not just the home of the world’s worst industrial accident – the Union Carbide gas disaster. Bhopal is Green; a cultural capital of Kathak dance and violin sonatas. Set around a medieval lake in a forested state where one in five people are Tribals living is in villages still seeking to keep alive ancient jungle traditions.

Then, with my friend Dr Advity Goswami, founder of Merkaba the Ascension, I met Ajay Kumar and his wife Upma. Both work tirelessly with the Satpura Integrated Rural Development Institution (SIRDI) who help 65 villages in the  southern Palaskari district.

For three decades, they run to campuses in the area and, help with farming and health issues.  This includes a network of 3000 women helped with health, and prenatal care.

I sat in a village as women discussed solutions for local health concerns, then watched Diwali candles float down a river in gratitude.

I saw people wanting to control their life.

When people can speak their own dreams, make their own plans and hold others accountable, change occurs. It works far better than when outside experts impose ivory tower solutions not related to daily life.

I am not unrealistic. Idealism does not work alone.

India is a land of great wealth side by side with street dwellers. But there is great warmth and enthusiasm. Celebrating villagers have invited me to sit as 100’s of roti’s are rolled in group. Another man – a red gas bottle on his shoulder, with tens of others, excitedly called to me: “India is no longer poor. We are developing!”

There was a time when massive wealth travelled the Silk Road to India.

Madhya Pradesh has many challenges. She has taught me never to give up.

From the ashes have risen many spiritual giants. From this legacy, an adventure or medical tourist can learn life style and spiritual transformation that can heal your life and leave a legacy that keeps alive ancient, natural traditions.

I invite you to come to India to see more than the tourist spots. I invite you to let Merkaba the Ascension take you from the concrete jungle to reveal the life nature intended.

Do you need medical care?

Madhya Pradesh offers world class medical care, holistic health, recuperative lifestyle assistance and recuperative medical tourism at an affordable price.

Travel, whether for your health, or for adventure, should uplift the soul.

Let us show you the life transforming experience Madhya Pradesh offers you.

Visiting Madhya Pradesh helps keep alive ancient tribal traditions that still depend on the vast jungle reserves. Your ecotourism powerfully supports Indigenous communities, keeping alive age-old skills in art & craft, handloom, and textiles. Leaving a legacy that will last long after your visit.

For your next Life Changing Tour, let Merkaba the Ascension take you from the concrete jungle of civilisation to reveal the life nature intended.


Your trip should be life changing, not just a holiday!

Change your life and Contact Advity on +919893889604 or  Email contact@merkabatheascension.org

ADDRESS: 49 D. K. Devsthali Address Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462039

You will want to come back.


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