The Ten Must Ask questions for your Physician Candidate


When travelling oversees for healthcare, what are the questions you need to ask?

Complements of Patiemt’s Without Borders the are the questions a Medical tourist need to ask the physician directly or through a health care travel agent.

  1. What are your credentials? Where did you receive your medical degree? Where was your internship? What types of continuing education workshops have you attended recently?  The right candidate will have his credentials on the web or email them to you.
  2. How many patients do you see each month? Hopefully more than 50 and less than 500. A good doctor will be in touch with their customers. If they don’t know be suspicious.
  3. To what association do you belong? A good physician keeps company with other skilled professionals. They should be part of atleast one medical association.
  4. How many patients have you treated with my condition? There is safety in numbers.
  5. What are the fees of your initial consultation? Compare the answer to other physicians you interview
  6. May I call you on my cell phone before, during and after treatment? Most international surgeons prefer to keep in close contact with their patients and the cell phone is their first choice.
  7. What personal and medical records do you need to assess my condition and treatment needs? Most surgeons require atleast the recent consultation notes of doctor and specialist, relevant X-Rays, medical history, health records. Be wary of any specialist not requiring health records.
  8. Do you practice alone, or in a clinic or hospital? Prefer a specialist who practices with a group of professionals with a broad range of skills.

For Surgery

  1. Do you do the surgery yourself or do you have assistants do the surgery? Be assured the procedure is not delegated to his protégé.
  2. “Are you the surgeon who oversees the entire treatment, including pre-surgery, surgery, prescriptions, physical therapy recommendations and post-surgery check-ups?” You want a team captain for larger procedures, which is usually the surgeon.

Image: Medical Tourism Asia – logoby ~edsonworks <;


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