Merkaba Holisitics


MerKaBa Holistic’s is all about Wellness, India, and Integrative Lifestyle – especially Medical and Ecotourism in Madhya Pradesh..


Because we want to make a difference: a difference for you and a long term legacy to India’s traditional tribal people.

Travel to India is more than a trip. Travel is a holistic, Re-Creation, of body, mind and spirit. Whether you come to Madhya Pradesh for an eco-adventure, a historic or religious tour, or to heal your body at her many hospitals and health retreats, Idnia is a chance to see a new world

Why India? Why Madhya Pradesh?

Feel India’s earth under your feet. Breathe in her personality  –  exotic, extravagant, elegant, eclectic.  India’s rural life, art, culture and heritage will inspire the rhythm of your heart, and brighten the colours of your mind.

With India’s largest area of verdant forest Madhya Pradesh offers you a picturesque adventure of rappelling, rock climbing, nature walks, trekking, bird watching, and mountain biking.

Madhya Pradesh offers

  • Internationally Recognised Medical Tourist facilities
  • Historical Tourism
  • Religious Tourism
  • Eco Tourism
  • Experience Yoga and Meditation from where it began

Merkaba the Ascension’s own Holistic Health Services


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