Madhya Pradesh Gateway To History

Bhimetka Rock Art


The heart of Incredible India is Madhya Pradesh, gateway to ancient civilizations, a dignified fusion of the old and the new. A pamiset of tribal culture and heritage, flourishing in verdant forests Madhya Pradesh offers you adventure and serenity.

Its capital, Bhopal, with its broad tree-lined roads, fashionable markets and cultural centres and museums, radiates from two medieval lakes and the old city’s bustling crowds, winding alleys and to Asia’s largest mosque, the Taj-ul-Masajid.

Bhopal is in easy reach of  two World Heritage listed sites: The serene calm of Sanchi, built by Mauryan Emperor Asoka to house  the Buddha’s remains and the  prehistoric rock shelters of Bhimbetka.

For good reason, Madhya Pradesh was the heart of Indian civilization: skeletal remains suggest Homo-erectus roamed the Narmada Valley 500,000 years ago.

Palaces and temples reveal a rich history of great heroes.   Cenotaphs and Chhatris poised on the Betwa river commemorate the 15th century rulers of Orccha.  The ruined remains of Islamnagar, built by Pushtan conquer  Dost Mohammad Khan lay 11 kilometres from Bhopal.  Gwalior showcases masterpieces of Indian architecture.


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